For Your Engine

With increasing pressures on your valuable time, and the rising costs to run and maintain your vehicles, you can no longer afford to throw money away on inefficiency.


But don't worry, there is a solution that can protect you from unnecessary repairs and running costs while keeping your car on the road longer - all the while being better for the environment!


That solution is MagnaFilter - the recognised leader in Magnetic Filtration Technology.  

When you install the MagnaFilter range of products in your engine, you will ensure your fluids and oil will get cleaner and cleaner with every pass, greatly enhancing your engines performance. In fact, MagnaFilter will double the power of your engine filtration system. Benefits include:


Save Time

Your oil and fluids will last longer, meaning more time on the road between changes, and less time wasted in the garage. Synthetic oils are expensive. MagnaFilter products will ensure it stays cleaner and works at its optimum between changes.

Save Money

By filtering out the damaging particles that cause unnecessary engine wear, you will greatly reduce the need to replace parts over time - a huge saving to the long term running costs of your vehicle. And with less oil and fluid changes, you will save costs at the mechanic.


Save the Environment

When your oil and fluids lasts longer, that means less changes, and less waste byproduct. And with a more efficiently running engine, you will be doing your part to ensure less damaging emissions are released into the environment.

Purchase a MagnaFilter product today, and start saving your engine, and your wallet.